Extremely gentle formulation, ideal for everyone and especially for those who have sensitive scalps. Ammonia, Resorcinol and PPD free. A new conceptual blend of ingredients, based on the Anti-age microemulsion, HGL system and Keratin and Argan oil, it helps to prevent the hair structure from ageing and it protects from external agents. Pleasant fragrane. Every shade creates 100% grey coverage, there is no need to add natural shades and high lifts give up to 5 Levels of lift. So true rich shades can be created every time.


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Weight 0.6 lbs

/55 Red, /88 Violet, 00/80 Intense Violet, 00/81 Intense Cool Violet, 1/00 Intense Black, 1/01 Intense Blue Black, 10/00 Deep Platinum Blonde, 10/21 Lightened Cool Ash Blonde, 11/00 Extra Lightened natural blonde, 11/21 Extra Lightened Crystal Blonde, 11/71 Extra Lightened Ice Blonde, 11/80 Extra lightened Blonde, 3/00 Deep Dark Brown, 4/00 Deep Brown, 4/03 Naturally Golden Brown, 44/07 Mocha, 44/43 Deep Brown Mahogany Gold, 44/48 Mahogany Violet Light Brown, 44/78 Deep Brown Beige Pearl, 44/88 Intense Violet Medium Brown, 5/00 Deep Light Brown, 5/03 Naturally Golden Light Brown, 5/72 Light Brown Cool Beige, 55/07 Chestnut, 55/21 Deep Coolest Light Ash Brown, 55/33 Deep Golden Light Brown, 55/43 Macadamia Nut, 55/55 Deep Dark Red, 55/56 Light Red Violet Brown, 55/58 Light Red Violet Brown, 55/78 Deep Light Brown Beige Pearl, 55/88 Deep Intense Violet Light, 6/00 Deep Dark Blonde, 6/03 Naturally Golden Dark Blonde, 6/72 Dark Blonde Cool Beige, 66/07 Marron Glace, 66/21 Deep Coolest Dark Ash Blonde, 66/33 Deep Golden Dark Blonde, 66/43 Deep Dark Blonde Mahogant, 66/55 Deep Red, 66/56 Dark Red Copper Blonde, 66/58 Red Violet Dark Blonde, 66/66 Intense Copper Dark Blonde, 66/78 Deep Dark Blonde Beige Pearl, 66/88 Deep Intense Violet Dark Blonde, 7/00 Deep Blonde, 7/03 Naturally Golden Blonde, 7/72 Blonde Cool Beige, 77/07 Hazelnut, 77/21 Deep Coolest Medium Ash Blonde, 77/33 Deep Golden Blonde, 77/55 Intense Red Medium Blonde, 77/66 Medium Deep Copper, 77/76 Medium Beige Copper Blonde, 77/78 Deep Blonde Beige Pearl, 8/00 Deep Light Blonde, 8/03 Naturally Golden Light Blonde, 8/72 Light Blonde Cool Beige, 88/07 Almond, 88/21 Intense Light Cool Ash Blonde, 88/33 Deep Light Golden Blonde, 88/76 Light Beige Copper Blonde, 9/00 Extra light deep blonde, 9/03 Naturally Golden Extra Light Blonde, 9/72 Extra Light Blonde Cool Beige, 99/07 Honey, 99/21 Intense Very Light Cool Ash Blonde, 99/33 Deep Lightened Golden Blonde