Professional cream coloring system enriched with certified Argan and Passion Flower oils and Anti-Age formula complex which contains Phyto Enhancer and Ceramide A2. The State-of-the-Art formulation has a very low ammonia content, a pleasing fragrance and guarantees 100% gray hair coverage. Offers long-lasting color and high levels of protection.

New technology Oil Protection Complex (OPC) is an innovative complex that provides additional moisturization, restoration and nutrition for the thinnest and lifeless hair in the process of hair coloring.
Argan oil deeply nourishes the hair and provides a brilliant shine.
Passion flower oil, rich in Omega-6, deeply moisturizes and restores the hair.
System Phyto-Enhancer ? an innovative system of color pigments, provides better penetration and fixation of the pigments, seeking out the perfect spots in hairs keratinous structure, providing a more even, saturated and long-term color.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs

00/18 Deep Silver, 00/19 Deep Silver, 00/2 Deep Ash, 1/0 Black, 1/01 Blue Black, 10/0 Lightened Natural Blonde, 10/2 Lightened Natural Ash Blonde, 10/28 Lightened Natural Blonde Ash Pearl, 10/3 Lightned Natural Golden Blonde, 10/7 Lightened Natural Beige Blonde, 10/8 Lightened Natural Violet Blonde, 11/0 Extra Lightened Natural Blonde, 11/02 Extra Lightened Lightest Ash Blonde, 11/07 Extra Lightened Beige Blonde, 11/08 Extra Lightened Pearl Blonde, 11/22 Extra Lightened Intense Ash Blonde, 2/0 Very Dark Brown, 2/07 Very Dark Beige Brown, 3/0 Dark Brown, 3/07 Dark Beige Brown, 3/85 Dark Violet Red Brown, 4/0 Medium Brown, 4/07 Medium Beige Brown, 4/2 Ash Brown, 4/24 Medium Ash Mahogany Brown, 4/26 Medium Ash Copper Brown, 4/28 Medium Brown Ash Pearl, 4/40 Medium Mahogany Natural Brown, 4/48 Medium Mahogany Violet Brown, 4/58 Medium Red Violet Brown, 4/68 Medium Copper Violet Brown, 4/78 Medium Brown Beige Violet, 4/88 Medium Brown Vibrant Violet, 4/9 Medium Cool Brown, 44/00 Deep Brown, 5/0 Light Brown, 5/07 Light Beige Brown, 5/2 Light Ash Brown, 5/23 Light Ash Golden Brown, 5/26 Light Ash Copper Brown, 5/28 Light Brown Ash Pearl, 5/3 Light Golden Brown, 5/4 Light Mahogany Brown, 5/5 Light Red Brown, 5/54 Light Red Mahogany Brown, 5/55 Light Brown Vibrant Red, 5/58 Light Red Violet Brown, 5/78 Light Brown Beige Violet, 5/88 Light Brown Vibrant Violet, 5/9 Light Cool Brown, 55/00 Deep Light Brown, 6/0 Dark Blonde, 6/07 Dark Beige Blonde, 6/2 Dark Ash Blonde, 6/26 Dark Ash Copper Blonde, 6/28 Dark Blonde Ash Pearl, 6/3 Dark Golden Blonde, 6/4 Dark Mahogany Blonde, 6/46 Dark Mahogany Copper Blonde, 6/55 Dark Blonde Vibrant Red, 6/6 Dark Cooper Blonde, 6/76 Dark Beige Copper Blonde, 6/78 Dark Blonde Beige Violet, 6/88 Dark Blonde Vibrant Violet, 6/9 Dark Cool Blonde, 66/00 Deep Dark Blonde, 7/0 Blonde, 7/07 Medium Beige Blonde, 7/2 Medium Ash Blonde, 7/26 Medium Copper Ash Blonde, 7/28 Medium Blonde Ash Pearl, 7/3 Medium Golden Blonde, 7/55 Blonde Vibrant Red, 7/6 Medium Copper Blonde, 7/60 Medium Copper Natural Blonde, 7/63 Medium Copper Golden Blonde, 7/66 Medium Intense Copper Blonde, 7/7 Medium Beige Blonde, 7/71 Medium Beige Ash Blonde, 7/72 Medium Beige Ash Blonde, 7/78 Medium Beige Violet Blonde, 7/9 Medium Cool Brown, 77/00 Deep Blonde, 8/0 Light Blonde, 8/07 Light Beige Blonde, 8/2 Light Ash Blonde, 8/28 Light Blonde Ash Pearl, 8/3 Light Golden Blonde, 8/34 Light Golden Mahogany Blonde, 8/63 Light Copper Golden Blonde, 8/66 Light Intense Copper Blonde, 8/7 Light Beige Blonde, 8/72 Light Beige Ash Blonde, 8/78 Light Beige Violet Blonde, 88/00 Deep Light Blonde, 9/0 Very Light Blonde, 9/07 Very Light Beige Blonde, 9/2 Very Light Ash Blonde, 9/28 Very Light Blonde Ash Pearl, 9/3 Very Light Golden Blonde, 9/4 Very Light Mahogany Blonde, 9/7 Very Light Beige Blonde, 9/72 Very Light Beige Ash Blonde, 9/73 Very Light Beige Golden Blonde, 9/78 Very Light Beige Lightened Blonde, 9/8 Very Light Violet Blonde, 99/00 Extra Light Deep Blond