We do colorful. You do our color beautifully.

Healing, hydrating color. Fromfashion brights to high lift blondesto
ultra-dimensional statement styles.

An innovative, low ammonia line developed by our own in-house labs delivering ultra-nourishing hues, customizable formulas and guaranteed grey coverage for superior, rich hair color.

Modern color madethree times betterand safer.

High-performing, intense, color and odorless grey coverage. Our alchemaic approach to hair color has NO ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol from the industry standard formula. In 82 colors, this cream gel is designed to be diluted to 1 to 1.5 or 1.2 for super lightening shades or ultimate toners.

Repairative,dual action technologyfor healthy hair, inside and out.

Fun, flirtatious, on-trend and healthy hair color. Formulated with our dual-action Organic Protein Complex, Lisaplex™ technology restructures, repairs, rehydrates and nourishes for beautiful, voluminous color.

Splasher Activator

Lisap Splasher Activator 5 Vol. provides protection for hair while coloring or decoloring hair. The product not only protects the hair, but the hair is also hydrated and softened. Can only be mixed with Splasher.

Format: 1000 ml


LK Oil Protection Complex

An extensive line of innovative formulas enhanced with our patented Oil Protection Complex, Phyto-Enhancer and Ceramide A2 for radiant, hydrated and nourished hair, post-application and beyond the chair. Blended with Organic, cold-pressed argan and passion flower oils, this low ammonia luxury line features 106 hues, easy mix ratios in volumes 10 to 40, and superior coverage on even the most color resistant and grey hair.

Format 100 ml


Easy Absolute 3 Permanent Ammonia Free Color

Extremely gentle formulation, ideal for everyone and especially for those who have sensitive scalps. Ammonia, Resorcinol and PPD free. A new conceptual blend of ingredients, based on the Anti-age microemulsion, HGL system and Keratin and Argan oil, it helps to prevent the hair structure from ageing and it protects from external agents. Pleasant fragrance. All 82 shades create 100% grey coverage, there is no need to add natural shades and high lifts give up to 5 Levels of lift. So true rich shades can be created every time.


Light Scale Color

A four-tone palette that enhances blonde hair after bleaching, restoring luminosity, shine and enhancing all the unique facets of multi-dimensional coloring.

  • Demi-permanent oxidative hair dye
  • Three-dimensional ultra-performance pigments for intense and luminous reflections
  • Reduces any undesired undertones after bleaching
  • Prevents further lightening of the hair while respecting the desired color result
  • Does not overload pure lightening effects with unwanted shades

Features four shades: Sun Light, Moon Light, Venus Light & Star Light.

Format: 100 ml


Douscolor Starter – Semi-Permanent Color

No ammonia, no lift, semi-permanent gel haircolor formulated with a Jojoba Oil-Conditioning base for shine and moisture. It revives, darkens, or changes the tone of hair without lifting. Provides maximum coverage and is also excellent for men as it gives the natural look they so desire.

Format: 75 ml


Lisaplex Xtreme – Direct Color

Lisaplex ™ Xtreme Color is a direct professional color with acid pH for a brilliant, intense and long-lasting color result. All shades can be mixed to create a customized color, can be used alone to obtain the intense tone, or mixed with Pure Diamond, a neutral base that allows to obtain a more delicate and pastel colors. The coloring is ammonia-free and enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex, the innovative Lisap technology, based on vegetable proteins. It acts inside and outside the hair structure, guaranteeing cosmetic effect and strengthening the structure. Its creamy formulation gives shine and softness to the hair, while conditioning it. Lisaplex Xtreme Color allows you to obtain crazy intense colors or pastel effects in just a few minutes. The product does not need to be mixed with Developer (Oxidant).

Format: 60 ml


Lisaplex Filter Color

Lisaplex Filter Color is a new service from the Lisap Cosmetic Laboratories, which perfects, brightens, lightens and harmonizes color, just like when you use a photographic filter.

Suitable for all hair types, enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex technology, it provides a cosmetic effect, protection and reconstruction in addition to improved hair volume and body.

Lisaplex Filter Color is a cream gel with a metallic texture and a completely ammonia-free formula that comes in a 100 ml tube. It comprises 12 colors that can be blended together.

Format: 100 ml


Lisaplex Pastel Color

A semi-permanent, ammonia-free color. Enriched with the Lisaplex Bond Saver Organic Protein Complex, it has a smooth consistency, which makes for easy application.

Create your own choice of soft, delicate or strong effects. With 8 beautiful pastel shades and 1 neutral shade, the variation in processing time and the combination of colors, allows you to obtain a color with different intensity and customization. Simple and also controllable for effects as strong or as delicate as you desire. Lasts between four and eight shampoos.

Available in: Cloudy Cream, Yellow Sunflower, Orange Pink, Pink Bubble, Light Pearl, Lilac Flower, Blue Sky, Peppermint and Smokey Crystal.


We do colorful. You do our color beautifully.

Loving care for beautiful hair.

Colored hair comes with needs as unique as your clients’ hair. Our Top Care Repair color care lines ensure long-lasting, healthy color with repairative formulas tailored to all types of hair, from bombshell but brittle blondes to vibrant redheads, silver sirens and curly goddesses.

Hair and nature inharmony

Keraplant Nature is a research-driven, harmonious blend of natural ingredients to enhance the wellbeing and beauty of hair from the shampoo bowl all the way home. It’s our way of saying yes to the planet while refusing old, outdated concepts. This comprehensive, completely attuned line says no to parabens, no to sulphates and silicones and no to mineral oils and colorants.

Featured In Care

Keraplant Nature Detoxifying Mud

Detoxifying Mud, enriched with Green Clay and Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Sage Essential oils. It is a detoxifying balancing mud for eliminating physiological and environmental (from pollution) toxins and impurities that accumulate on the scalp causing irritation, itching, sebaceous secretions, and skin peeling. This targeted detoxifying treatment restores the original balance of the skin, enabling it to benefit more from the following phases.

Format: 250 ml


We do colorful. You do our color beautifully.

Beautiful holdfor beautiful hair

A multifunction best selling hairspray. Defines movement, increases volume and hold style. Polymer fortified to nourish, hydrate and repair hair, Lisynet sprays deliver invisible, shiny, flexible hold, enhanced hair memory and ultimate humidity protection.

Texture withattitude

An innovative, water-based styling wax to enhance and hold any style, from soft and touchable to extreme and dramatic. Completely residue free, Sculture can be used on wet or dry hair for unlimited styling potential, enhanced texture, frizz control and the ultimate expression of individuality.

Permanent, signature smoothness and theultimate in after care

Lisap Ultimate is our signature, 8-step permanent smoothing system to straighten, strengthen and protect hair and banish frizz. Formulated with our Kerasil Complex and Ceramide A2 in two convenient kits according to hair type, catatonic conditioners enhance shine and restructure the cuticle, for hair that stays smoother, longer, with incredible shine and zero frizz, wash after wash.

Featured In Finish

Lisynet One – Extra Strong Hold

High technology, professional hair spray. Ideal for creating volume as well as defining movement. Ideal for all hairstyling techniques.

Application: Spray on dry hair at a distance of 30 cm. For a strong hold can be sprayed from a shorter distance directly onto the hair roots.

Format: 500 ml


Sculture Strong Mousse

Lisap Sculture Strong Mousse is a mousse that keeps the hair in shape. After applying the mousse, the hair is easy to work with a brush or by hand. The product provides volume and the hair structure remains unchanged.


  • Shake well before use
  • Spray the mousse in the hands
  • Apply a generous amount to the hair
  • Comb the hair to distribute the product
  • Brush the hair into the desired model


Format: 300 ml


Absolute Spray – Protective Spray for Coloured Hair

Lisap Absolute Protective Spray for Colored Hair is a protective spray for color treated hair. With the use of the spray, the hair is protected during styling and gives the hair with a natural shine.


  • Spread the spray evenly over the hair
  • Brush the hair into it’s desired style


Format: 125 ml


Lisynet One – Natural Hold

High technology, professional hair spray. Ideal for creating volume, defining movement. Ideal for all hairstyling techniques.

Format: 100 ml, 300 ml & 500 ml


Lisynet Two – Eco Extra Strong Hold

Lisap Lisynet Two Eco Extra Strong Hold Hairspray is a non-aerosol hair spray suitable for all hair types. The non-aerosol ensures that the hair spray does not continue to spray but stops after every press of the button. The hairspray brings the hair perfectly in shape and ensures that the hair lasts throughout the day. The hair gets an ultimate firmness and still feels wonderfully soft. No model is too difficult for Lisynet Two Eco Strong Hold from Lisap. After using the spray, the hair gets a volume boost and looks radiant again.

Format: 300 ml


We do colorful. You do our color beautifully.

Color through light:Radiance with ultimate protection

Even the most beautiful hair color sometimes calls for brightening. Blonde better and smarter with rapid speed, beat-the-clock formulas or nudge newcomers with hints of delicate lift.

Featured In Lightening

Light Scale Charcoal Bleach

Light Scale Charcoal Bleach with lightening power up to 10 levels creates the perfect blonde and leaves hair healthy and hydrated. Charcoal Sugar Complex, a dual-action complex of sugars and charcoal. The sugars work on the surface, in the cuticle, protecting and hydrating the hair throughout the lightening process. The charcoal not only gives the bleaching paste its characteristic black color, it also neutralises unwanted yellow/orange undertones whilst purifying the hair. The combination of the Charcoal Sugar Complex and the blend of natural oils makes the formula gentler, leaving the hair visibly healthier.


Light Scale Up to 9

Light Scale lifts by up to 9 levels. Non volatile. Low ammonia content. Pleasant fragrance. Strong hydrating and conditioning powder. Fast acting than the majority of other bleachers. Easy to blend and apply. Suitable for all decolorizing techniques. Enriched with our Amminosugar Care Complex to preserve and protect the hair’s keratin structure, this lightening powder harnesses the power of cysteine and glycine to strengthen hair during the lightening process.


Linfa Booster Lightener Powder

The special lightening enhancer for treated hair, when used with Linfa Schiarente and Developers, lightens up to 6 shades while caring for the hair. Lightening Booster lotion contains: PQ10-for a great conditioning and detangling effect, improving combability and Rice Starch – for protective, moisturizing and softening actions.

Format: 12 x 25 g


Bleach & Lights PRO TECH Up to 7

This is a high-performance powder bleach, ideal for total decoloration, highlighting with foil & highlighting strips. For creative highlighting with a comb, spatula, brush effects & for balayage techniques.

Formulated with RPP, EVO Technology cares for the hair and guarantees outstanding lightening performance and excellent results that does not damage the hair. Lifts up to 7 shades even on coarse or tinted hair. It has a non-drip, soft, creamy consistency with excellent conditioning to give clean results in maximum safety & minimal time. Smells good.

Format: 1000 g


Linfa Oil On the Scalp Lightener

A delicate oil based hair-lightening lotion formulated with Olives and Sweet Almonds. Has an intense conditioning effect, it is extra-gentle, while also guaranteeing maximum care for skin and hair. Lifts hair by up to shades, and can be used for on the scalp techniques.

Format: 500 ml


Conditioning Color Remover

The Decapante Conditioning Color Remover has been formulated to remove or correct a cosmetic color, and also eliminates the applied pigments. It allows you to switch from a dark artificial color to a lighter artificial one, clean color overloads.

  • Easy to apply thanks to its creamy texture
  • It is mixed with Hot Water or Developer depending on the result to be obtained
  • Thanks to Lanolin it gives hydration to the hair, creating a protective  and transpiring film on the hair
  • The action of ‘ Starch of Rice gives luster and shine to the hair, even the most sensitive skin

How to use it?

    In this case it is necessary to mix a sachet of Decapannte Conditioning Color Remover with 60 ml of Hot Water, and apply on the part to be treated.
    Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, checking it visually according to the result to be obtained.
    The light pickling allows you to lighten the artificially colored hair by 3-4 tones.
    In this case it is necessary to mix a sachet of Decapannte Conditioning Color Remover with 60/75 ml of Protective Oxidizing Emulsion 10-20 Vol (6%), and apply on the part to be treated, isolating the hair roots of the cotton strips
    Leave on checking it visually based on the result to be obtained.
    Rinse and wash using Top Care Repair Color Care Post Color Acid Shampoo.Format: 12 x 25 g



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