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Light Scale Platinum
Light Scale Platinum

Light Scale Platinum


Fast-acting compact gray decolouring powder for hair.

The special formulation gives super-fast action combined with decolouring of up to 9 shades, while protecting the hair fiber

  • Suitable for all decolouring, ideal for rapid salon techniques and for application on both natural and colored hair.
  • The gray powder composition adds a cool tinge and neutralizes unwanted warm shades.
  • The innovative Charcoal Sugar Complex in the formula has a restorative and protective action which is maximized when combined with Lisaplex treatments.

Lightening Process:
1. Mix the decoloring powder in a non-metallic bowl with 10-20-30 vol. developer in a ratio of 1:1.5 – 1:2.
2. Apply the mixture to unwashed dry hair.
3. Leave on for 20 – 50 minutes, depending on the desired degree of lightening and the original shade.
4. When the desired shade is obtained, rinse thoroughly.
5. Apply the shampoo (Top Care Color Care Acid Post-Color Shampoo), massaging gently, and rinse with plenty of water to remove all traces of the product from the hair and skin.