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Color through light: Radiance

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Light Scale Care Spray Anti-yellow 125 ml

The lower concentration of purple pigment cleanses and intensifies highlights and blonde reflections. Adds shine and gloss to hair. Detangles the hair and acts as a heat shield, protecting the hair from the high temperatures of blow dryers and straighteners.

Leave in – Do not rinse out.

Format: 125 ml


Light Scale Care Anti-yellow Shampoo 250 ml

Cleanses the hair. The special purple pigment, contained in the formula, is deposited on the surface of the hair, neutralizing the yellow reflections caused by pollution, the weather, smoke and the natural oxidation process

Format: 250 ml


Light Scale Care Anti-Yellow Mask 500 ml

Thanks to then enhanced concentration of purple pigment, it neutralizes the most intense yellow reflections, leaving hair treated, nourished and beautifully hydrated.

Format: 500 ml


Light Scale Care Anti-yellow Mousse 250 ml

Conditioning mousse, enriched with special purple pigment. Especially suitable for neutralizing undesirable yellow tones, creating freshness and lightness, and adding hydration especially to fine hair. Product to be rinsed out.

Format 250 ml


Light Scale Color

A four-tone palette that enhances blonde hair after bleaching, restoring luminosity, shine and enhancing all the unique facets of multi-dimensional coloring.

  • Demi-permanent oxidative hair dye
  • Three-dimensional ultra-performance pigments for intense and luminous reflections
  • Reduces any undesired undertones after bleaching
  • Prevents further lightening of the hair while respecting the desired color result
  • Does not overload pure lightening effects with unwanted shades

Features four shades: Sun Light, Moon Light, Venus Light & Star Light.

Format: 100 ml


Developer Special Blue

It’s designed for extreme-precision coloring and shiny shimmering cosmetic lightening-treatments. It mixes easily with colorants and bleaches, it has a perfect creamy consistency. It protects, moisturizes and adheres to the hair. Ideal for streaks, highlights and intense bleaching.

Format: 1000 ml


Light Scale Up to 9

Light Scale lifts by up to 9 levels. Non volatile. Low ammonia content. Pleasant fragrance. Strong hydrating and conditioning powder. Fast acting than the majority of other bleachers. Easy to blend and apply. Suitable for all decolorizing techniques. Enriched with our Amminosugar Care Complex to preserve and protect the hair’s keratin structure, this lightening powder harnesses the power of cysteine and glycine to strengthen hair during the lightening process.


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